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National Nature Reserves in Wales by Terry Jackson and Carl Atkinson

Cameos on twenty-one of the finest National Nature Reserves in Britain, which all happen to be in Wales. An opportunity for enjoying reserves, with kind assistance from the Countryside Council for Wales.

The Countryside Council for Wales is committed to creating opportunities for everyone to enjoy the countryside. National Nature Reserves are no exception. On some reserves the Countryside Council for Wales has provided additional paths. On others, access on foot is unrestricted and visitors are welcome to wander freely. Where possible, the Countryside Council also provide facilities to add to visitors' enjoyment of reserves such as bird hides, information points, guided walks and displays, and facilities for the disabled...Read On Back to Top

National Trails in Wales from Countryside Council for Wales

Glyndwr's Way, Offa's Dyke Path and the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

National Trails allow walkers and riders to enjoy long journeys through some of Wales' finest and most remote countryside and coast. They are designated under the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949, which enables the creation of long-distance routes that allow the public to make extensive journeys on foot, horseback or bicycle. The upkeep of the paths is undertaken by various bodies, including the National Park Authorities, county highway authorities and volunteers, with funding from Countryside Council for Wales....Read On Back to Top

Countryside Escapades from This Week Wales

Adfwyio-Revival! Assisted by the Countryside Council for Wales and the Wales Tourist Board.

The 2001 foot and mouth epidemic wrought huge damage to the rural Wales economy. Agriculture and tourism suffered most and a unique scheme named Adfwyio-Revival was delivered by the Countryside Council of Wales and Wales Tourist Board to restore the fortunes of hard-hit rural communities. Here's news on eighteen new countryside developments that resulted...Read On Back to Top

A Walk in the Park by Roger Thomas

"Everything from high peaks to huge beaches, wooded valleys to open hillsides..."

For a nation of co-called couch potatoes, we don't do too badly. Walking is now - officially - our number-one leisure and activity pastime, with millions taking to the woods, hills, mountains and seashore for a bit of outdoor therapy.

It's not surprising that Wales is a favourite place in which to wear those walking boots. Within its borders you'll find an amazing variety of scenery - everything from high peaks to huge beaches, wooded valleys to open hillsides, rolling borderlands to spectacular peninsulas... Read On
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RSPB Nature Reserves in Wales from This Week Wales

"Nature comes to life at 11 of the most splendid reserves in Britain"

RSPB nature reserves provide excellent opportunity to watch birds and other wildlife in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. There are 11 RSPB nature reserves throughout Wales, covering thousands of acres... Read On Back to Top

The Countryside Code images by Creature Comforts

"Respect, Protect, Enjoy."

There are country parks, beaches, woodlands, rivers and forests, as welll as thousands of miles of public rights of way and other signposted routes you can explore on foot, on a bicycle or on a horse. You can also walk across some parts of the countryside designated as open land, such as mountain, moor, heath, down and common land... Read On
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Yr Cd Cefn Gwlad lluniau gan Creature Comforts

"Parchwch, Gwarchodwch, Mwynhewch."

Mae'r dewis yn eang - o barciau gwledig, traethau, coetiroedd, afonydd a fforestydd i filoedd ar filltiroedd o lwybrau tramwy a llwybrau eraill. Fe allwch chi eu mwynhau nhw drwy gerdded, beicio neu drwy fynd ar gefn ceffyl. Fe allwch chi hefyd gerdded ar draws rhai rhannau o gefn gwlad sydd wedi'u dynodi'n dir agored, e.e. mynydd-dir, rhostir, gweundir, twyndir a thir comin... Darllen
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Wales National Nature Reserves Tour from (Beta Version)

"A unique fly-by tour of 21 National Nature Reserves in Wales..."

With the online publication of cameos of 21 National Nature Reserves in Wales, and Google Earth have come together once again; this time to produce a unique fly-by tour of the reserves thats fun to use as well as educational. All the featured reserves welcome visitors throughout the year and you can find accommodation within or close by the reserves... Read On
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